Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to Handle Problems Related to ActiveX Controls

ActiveX controls liven up your Internet Explorer and expand its capability to execute internet-based applications significantly. ActiveX controls are almost the same with Java applets, except that the former are exclusive to Microsoft Internet Explorer. ActiveX controls make Internet Explorer capable to execute various internet-based applications, such as multimedia player, word-processing application, image editor, CAD application, etc. If your Internet Explorer is equipped with reliable ActiveX controls, you can execute those applications conveniently by using your browser. Therefore, you don’t have to use any external programs if you want to write documents that you store and process online or to play multimedia files that you get from the internet.

All ActiveX controls that are installed on your machine have to be certified by Microsoft in order to ensure their safety and reliability. However, if you wish, you can also run uncertified ActiveX controls; though such action may cause an unfavorable consequence. In addition to being certified, those Active X controls should also be regularly updated. If they are not properly updated, they may not be able to execute certain programs that are associated to them smoothly. You can detect whether or not there is a problem with your ActiveX control by inspecting the way your browser behaves. If it is unable to play music that you open online or if it is unable to execute particular internet-based programs, then you should know that your ActiveX control needs either updating or repairing.

Unfortunately, updating or repairing ActiveX controls that are installed on your machine is not an easy task. Sometimes, problems with ActiveX controls may be obvious; but in some other time, they may not be tangible. To make this task easier, you need to use an application that can detect any problems in your ActiveX controls and perform necessary updates automatically. If you don’t know which application is the right for you, click here to update active x controls and get their problems treated perfectly.