Saturday, May 5, 2012

TV Installation: Have It Your Way

TV Installation opens up a lot of doors for most consumers. You first locked eyes with your new TV on the wall at your local retailer and it was love at first sight. This will be the centerpiece to your new home theater, living room or simply something to fall asleep to in the bedroom. The one thing that you and your family don't realize is how many options for installation you now have access to. A lot of consumers have never given the concept of a wall mount TV installation any real thought.

You have an old CRT or Rear Projection television on top of the stand you've have owned for twenty years so that is where the new one has to go, right? With the new TVs being as thin and light as they are, you have a lot more options that can do more than improve the entertainment experience. Your new options can improve your living experience. Have you ever looked around the living room and thought how much more open everything would feel if that bulky component stand wasn't there? For a lot of us, yes, but we've thought that has meant giving up our viewing experience. Now imagine a new thin LED TV mounted on the wall taking up no more than the same depth as a picture frame. Then imagine your cable box and Blu-ray player are now in the closet on the other side of the room or placed on wall mounted shelving which gets rid of that bulky television stand. It would do a lot more than just free up six feet or floor space wouldn't it?

You just finished your basement and are now looking for the home theater entertainment experience for you and your family. The only circumstance is that it is clean and has nothing showing. This is a perfect place to look towards everything being on wall past the TV installation itself. Your new Plasma is hung and somehow that is the only thing visible with the entire home theater system. The closet off to the side houses a rack with all of your equipment in it controlled by an RF remote. You place a movie and magically the surround sound experience kicks in and fills the entire room. At first glance it sounds like magic until you see the in wall and in ceiling speakers that blend in with the color the walls are painted. This is the audio visual experience most home owners' dream of and it is an experience you can have when you think outside the box and expand your TV installation.

The installation doesn't always need to be that big. You have some free space now in your kitchen or bedroom and always wanted to just have a smaller flat panel TV there but don't want to sacrifice and counter or dresser space. TV installation on the wall is a quick and easy answer. Imagine the set being on a full motion arm mount where you can just move the TV around the room as you cook in different spots in the kitchen. Imagine moving it from the bed to now aim towards the bathroom so you can watch it in the mirror as you get ready in the morning. It's the little things that count and this installation can just make certain key times through your day a little more enjoyable.

The options for installing your new flat panel are far from limited with the right professional on the job making those ideas a reality. You can improve your key living space, enhance the entertainment experience, or just add a little spark to key times throughout the day. You have the ability to change more than just your viewing experience when you consider your options for TV installation.