Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why Most Audio Sucks in Amatuer Video?

The Problem - Online Audio Sucks

The problem with most online video is the audio is terrible. Most audio is recorded with the same microphone that is inside the camera. Big mistake. This microphone is too far away from you. Once you move away from the camera your voice becomes extremely hard to hear and people become disinterested. A horrible echo is recorded the second you move away from the camera. This echo is unbearable to the listener and you can no longer get the message across proficiently. It is important to be crisp and clear, so this is why you want to learn to be professional in online video.

The Solution: A Professional Lavalier Microphone

Do you want to know how to get the best sound for your podcasts and video blogs for close audio pick up?

If your answer is yes, I have the solution. Use a different microphone. It is that simple. You need to use a lavalier microphone. The same microphone which is used to produce television. A Pro 70 Lavalier microphone can be easily attached to your shirt and can pick up close audio to allow movement in your video. You are no longer confined to the area of your camera. You are free to stand up and back away from the camera to do any presentation of your liking. In addition to the use of another tool called a Lightsnake, which can hook into your microphone and into your USB port of your computer, you can produce professional video with ease. I feel certain that getting great sounding audio in video/audio blogs and podcasts is imperative. This makes you sound more professional than people who do not use audio properly. Learning to correctly produce video blogs with clean audio gives your business the cutting edge you need.